Hemp Flower Preroll


Late Sue Hemp Flower rolled in 100% Hemp Unbleached OCB rolling papers with RAW filter inserts.


Let Us Do The Work For You With Our CBD Pre-Rolls

Made with organic, naturally-sourced Tennessee hemp flower, we put our heart and soul into these pre-rolls so you can enjoy a hassle-free smoking experience!

Smoking hemp offers rapid pain relief and an instant calm that lasts a long time. The journey to health and wellness starts by managing your chronic pains and nourishing your strength, that’s why we’re dedicated to using premium, 100% hemp with no other additives.

These hemp joints help relieve anxiety, reduce inflammation, calm your body, and improve pain management.

Our commitment to unwavering quality doesn’t just stop at sourcing pure hemp, we also use classic unbleached OCB rolling papers and RAW filter inserts that guarantee that you receive only the best!

We’ve got CBD pre-rolls for sale that are tested and perfected just for you.

HopeWell Farm Late Sue Hemp Flower preroll in 100% Hemp Unbleached OCB rolling papers with RAW filter inserts.
Nourish your health, strength, and spirit with an all natural pre roll.

  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains All Natural Tennessee Hemp CBD Flower
  • Made from Non-GMO hemp
  • Lab Tested

Suggested Use: Smoke a quarter or whole half preroll as needed.

Ingredients: Pure hemp CBD flower from Tennessee

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