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Why are your products better than others?

We furnish Certificates of Analysis to customers and distributors outlining what’s in our oil. We show on our Certificates of Analysis what CBDs, THCs, and their percentages are in our oil. We show on our Certificates of Analysis what the CBD potency percentages are and can illustrate how much extra concentration of “crude” oil we add to our product to bring your bottle to as close to 100% we can get. We extract using 200 proof food grade ethanol as our solvent and it’s extraction efficiency usually falls at 60-70% which means that in every gram of our “crude” oil is 600-700mg of pure 100% CBDs. We add enough additional “crude” oil to each bottle to equal another 400mg of pure 100% CBDs. We do our best to preserve terpenes and provide a terpene analysis in our Certificates of Analysis. We check for and make sure our oil passes testing for mycotoxins, residual solvents, residual herbicides and pesticides, heavy metals, and etc. We homogenize our oil with MCT oil derived from organic coconuts for thorough blending of our oil. MCT is a health supplement within itself and a simple search will show many articles and science to back this up.

What do other companies do that is different?

They bottle their oil without concern of achieving 100% CBD in each bottle according to the bottle’s strength of milligrams. If they get 60-70% CBD potency or even 50-60% CBD potency they put 1 gram of “crude” oil in a 1000mg strength bottle. They bottle oil with inferior carrier oils like olive, sunflower, or even hemp seed oil which only serve to dilute the “crude” oil, but don’t provide a solid ingestion rate and more CBD is wasted in the digestive process. Some companies don’t even deliver a product with CBD in it. Many companies out there use CBD isolate or Broad Spectrum oil in their carrier which both are heated to remove THC and in the process remove 60-90% of the many CBDs. You have to have THC, CBD, and CBN to fully activate the endocannabinoid system for full effect. They bottle for instance a strength of 1000mg on 60ml(2oz) of fluid that we bottle on 30ml(1oz) of MCT and they sell that for enormous price and are in reality selling half of what we’re selling. They don’t go through the amount of refining and filtration we do.

What process do you do and why is it better?

We not only use 200 proof food grade ethanol but we provide testing showing it’s all been removed from our final product. We also do two winterizations that remove fats, lipids, and waxes for our internal use products. We do 3 stages of laboratory filtering 20u, 8u, and .1u. We do 3 types of organic carbon scrubbing . This process is better than most since we remove parts that contribute to harsh taste, chlorophyll, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, mycotoxins, and unwanted compounds. None of which contribute to nutrition in any large way or at all. Chlorophyll is good for you, but you can get much more from eating salad instead of from a single milliliter of CBD oil. Chlorophyll also serves to dilute the CBD potency as well. Smooth tasting full spectrum CBD oil is much easier to market as opposed to harsh. We leave the fats, lipids and waxes in the topical products since they’re great for your skin.

Why don’t you use flavoring in your CBD oil?

We produce a very smooth highly concentrated CBD Oil that doesn’t need flavoring in our and many others opinion. Most pharmacies carry flavor additives if customers must have flavoring. Many health food stores carry empty gelatin capsules if customers wish to add CBD oil to capsules. Our CBD oils go well in coffee, tea, on salads, or even baked into goods by being mixed with butter.

How much do you recommend taking daily?

1ml or a full dropper being the amount pulled into a dropper by depressing the bulb fully and releasing it while in the fluid. Everyone is quite different and so each person will need to pay attention to their progress and adjust the dosage accordingly. If the oil makes the customer sleepy they need to take it at night before bed or with evening meal. If the oil keeps the customer up they need to take it in the morning. We highly recommend customers start with higher strengths to start with then adjust down instead of starting low and then never knowing if the oil could help them.

Are your CBD products legal?

All of our products are tested and have no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. 0.3% Delta 9 THC is the national limit set by the 2018 Farm Bill.

Will I pass a drug test using your product?

Since our products are tested and contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC our customers will not be over the limit taking our products. If your testing is for “presence of cannabis” instead of level then it won’t pass. Again, the national legal level of Delta 9 THC is 0.3%.

Where can I learn more about hemp CBD?

You can learn more about hemp CBD on our educational blog page.

What is your return policy?

Return Policy: Customer pays return shipping. 20% Restocking fee. Any products returned must be unopened with tamper seal intact, in sell-able condition and in original packing. No returns accepted over 10 days after receipt date.

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