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CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids found within the hemp plant that’s isolated or used in full-spectrum capacity due to its unique health benefits.

It’s been found to help users manage the symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as treat rarer forms of epilepsy that are resistant to traditional anti-epileptic medication.

However, CBD is also a good dietary supplement that aids your overall health and wellness. Its been found to propagate the body’s production of endocannabinoids and, thereby, allows pre-existing serotonin to function to its full potential. CBD also helps the brain fight against oxidative damage by protecting it against excess free radicals.

With all of these benefits, who wouldn’t want to try CBD? However, before you start, it’s important that you choose the CBD delivery system that maximizes the effect of the cannabinoid.

Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis delivery systems.

What is a delivery system?

The delivery system is the means by which you take CBD. You can take CBD oil sublingually, or eat CBD-infused edibles, or apply CBD topicals onto your skin, or simply smoke it. These are all different delivery methods.

There’s never been a larger variety of CBD products to try than there is nowadays. The biggest deciding factor in choosing a delivery system is bioavailability, which decides how much of the CBD actually ends up in your bloodstream and makes its effects known.

Taking CBD in sublingually

If you use a full-spectrum CBD tincture sublingually, the CBD quickly makes its way into your bloodstream. It works extremely fast, taking between fifteen and forty-five minutes to make its effects known. You can also add CBD oils to your morning cup of coffee or smoothie if the idea of taking it sublingually doesn’t appeal to you.

CBD vapes

Vaping is one of the fastest CBD delivery methods, taking between fifteen and thirty minutes to set in. CBD vape juices are made with a glycerin and vegetable base, making them much healthier than traditional vapes.

Other delivery methods you can try include edibles (which take up to two hours to take effect) and topicals (which take between forty-five minutes and an hour to take effect, and are used mostly to ease joint pain and inflammation.)

Hope Well Farm LLC is a wholesale CBD hemp oil supplier and CBD products manufacturer Tennessee. To buy lab-tested CBD hemp tinctures, premium CBD hemp flower pre-rolls, or CBD topical salves, contact us today.

The information presented in this blog is solely for educational purposes and does not represent medical advice. If you feel you may need medicinal cannabis or CBD, it’s best to get in touch with a doctor for a prescription.

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