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Most people experience the incredible and sometimes life-changing health and wellness benefits of CBD by taking CBD oil sublingually.

Micro-dosing on CBD can improve your body’s production of endocannabinoids, helping regulate stress levels, and by extension, improving the health of your endocannabinoid system.

However, there are times when CBD oil alone isn’t particularly effective. If you suffer from pain or inflammation and have been using CBD oil to counter it for over two weeks but haven’t seen any improvement yet, you might benefit from supplementing oral CBD with topical CBD ointments.

What are topical CBD ointments?

CBD topical ointments are infused with either CBD isolate or full-spectrum variants that are made to be applied externally on the skin. While taking CBD oil may be more effective from a bioavailability perspective, topicals prove to have greater benefits when it comes to easing skin inflammation.

Endocannabinoid receptors are synthesized by various kinds of skin cells in the epidermis and the sebaceous (oil-producing) glands in the skin. Applying CBD-infused topicals to the skin therefore makes for a fast-acting solution to pain.

When should you use CBD topicals?

The legalization of CBD has allowed for it to be widely researched in recent years, with studies finding that the use of CBD topical ointments provides relief from the pain and inflammation linked to conditions like arthritis.

The pain-relieving properties of CBD make it popular among seniors, 51% of whom report that long-term usage helps them manage their pain and sleep better. CBD topicals can also be used to provide temporary relief from the chronically painful symptoms of cancer and fibromyalgia.

While topical CBD is certainly not a replacement for prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication, it can propagate their action. CBD topical ointments and oils are also free of the side effects that long-term over-the-counter pain medication may have.

What should you look for in CBD topicals?

Most CBD products claim to have health benefits, but upon further notice, they contain little to no CBD. It’s important that you buy CBD topicals and products only when they’ve been proven to contain the CBD concentration stated on the label.

At HopeWell Farm LLC, all our products are tested by third-party laboratories and every product we deliver to our customers is furnished with a certificate of analysis. We ensure that our CBD oils and topicals have consistent and accurate CBD doses.

Hope Well Farm LLC is a wholesale CBD hemp oil supplier and CBD products manufacturer in Tennessee. You can buy our lab-tested CBD hemp tinctures, premium CBD hemp flower pre-rolls, and CBD topical salves on our website.

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